A digital agency approach that ensures success for your business

Our digital agency approach ensures success for our clients. At Helm we hold ourselves to a higher standard of knowledge, experience and service – and our approach to digital strategy is no exception.

Therefore our clients only ever work with talented digital strategy consultants and specialists who add actual value to your business. Our digital consultants are responsible for the vision and outcomes of every piece of work that we produce on your behalf.

At Helm, we believe that success can only come from a thorough understanding of your customers, business and industry. Using customer data, stakeholder workshops and research we identify and asses the challenges and pain points to your business – now and in the future.

We take a structured approach to digital transformation by approaching any solution we deliver for our clients using the four principles outlined below to ensure success.

Helm’s Digital Strategy Approach

Our five step consulting framework ensures that every digital strategy we develop comes from an understanding of your needs and challenges and is tied directly to the growth goals of your business to deliver return on investment.


Understand your business and the challenges you face using stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis, requirements gathering and customer data and insights


Audit your existing digital ecosystem including your website, mobile apps, customer data, marketing platforms, social media, search and content.


Analysis and insights from the Discovery and Audit phases now inform the digital strategy and roadmap that we develop offering benchmarks and KPIs to measure against.


Scoping and rollout of new platforms to support the digital strategy which could include website, apps, analytics, marketing automation


Ongoing optimisation of platforms and initiatives to deliver to the KPIs of the strategy made transparent through analytics platforms and client dashboards.

We adopt a combination of auditing and benchmarking your existing digital ecosystem, competitor research, known industry benchmarks and real time data. Helm applies this digital strategy approach at the beginning of any engagement with our clients. It ensures that when recommending the right tactical mix of digital marketing it is clearly tied to your business objectives, is grounded in real data so as to determine your return on investment and KPIs.

We then align our research with your business objectives to set out a 12 month plan or “digital roadmap” to achieving your targets. The tactics recommended in the digital roadmap are then prioritised based on their effectiveness, anticipated return on investment and your budget.

We enjoy nothing more than taking a deep dive into your business to understand its objectives, challenges and formulating a digital strategy for success.